Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage from Frozen Pipes? Do you need Water Damage Restoration? Call Trutek Construction and Restoration now at 1-516-785-2261. We are fully licensed and insured. We have years of experience cleaning up all types of property damage, from small jobs to very large jobs. For a FREE inspection of all your property damages call us […]

Puff Back Damage

Do you know what a Puff Back is? Puff Backs can cause a lot of damage. You can see it round the vents of your forced hot air system. It can happen when you turn your heat on and your oil burner belches and sends black soot and smell throughout your property. If you have […]

Property Damage from the Storm

Major Snowstorm and Wind. Did you suffer property damage? FREE Review of your property damage from the storm Your property can have a COLLAPSE, structure coming down, PUFF BACK, wind or snow backs up chimney and causes a puff back generating black soot all over your property, LOSS OF POWER, causes frozen pipes and water […]