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When you're in your basement, do you see mold, mildew, fungus, peeling paint, wall cracks, a white substance on the walls, rust accumulations or dry rot? Your home could be experiencing water damage. Our seasoned experts will diagnose the issue and repair the leaking foundation to help you avoid damage to your valuables, structural problems or poor health from mold. Our waterproofing services include:

Certified Asbestos Remover!

Repairs better than before

If you've noticed signed of water damage, we'll help you stop the flooding in its tracks and stave off costlier repairs later. Our top-notch waterproofing team makes sure the fixes last for years to come.

Keep mold out of your home

Call today for a fix that lasts!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Your house is unique, and your water problem is, too. Don't pay a cookie-cutter fee for the fix. We'll give you an initial consultation for FREE and an upfront estimate for all our 100% guaranteed labor.

Call to be done with water problems for good

Did rain or floods already damage your house? Not to worry. Tru Tek is a full-service general contractor, too. Click to learn more about our restoration and mold remediation services.

Enjoy risk-free service: all work is 100% GUARANTEED!

-Pump water out of the house and dry wet area

-Remove mold and damaged structure (flooring, sheetrock)

-Install French drains

- Poor grading around the foundation

- High water table

- Poor drainage around basement

- Stairways

- Cracked masonry

- Clogged, broken or poorly located downspouts and gutters


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