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Your home's mold problem isn't just an inconvenience - it could be a health hazard, too. Tru Tek's unmatched mold remediation team has years of experience in mold removal and will remove the mold and get to the bottom of the cause so you never have to worry again.

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Think you may have a mold problem? We'll asses your house, diagnose the problem and remove the mold so you won't have to worry about your valuables or loved ones again. Signs of mold include:

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Dealing with mold means your home might need restoration or waterproofing. We can help. Our experts have seen every problem and know how to fix it - GUARANTEED.

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- Water leak

- Moisture damage

- Loose wallpaper

- Warped wood

- Wall discoloration

- Peeling paint

- Mildew

- Chronic headaches, breathing problems, rashes or dizziness


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Mold Remediation

MOLD REMEDIATION is another service offered by Tek Maintenance. There are signs that you have A MOLD problem problems in you home. You should be aware of the following and tend to any of these signs as soon as possible:


1.  Has your home ever had a water leak? ( Basement, water pipes, roof, crawl spaces, blocked gutters)


2.  Can you see any water or moisture damage? (Loose wallpaper in bathroom, warped wood, wall discoloration, cracked or peeling paint)


3.  Do you detect a musty or unusual odor? (Mildew, unusual headaches, dizziness, skin rashes, increased allergy symptoms)


If you answered yes to any of these questions WE CAN HELP


The advantage of dealing with Tek Maintenance is that when any of the above symptoms appear, we will take the time to assess the origin. We don’t just remedy the problem, we assist you in finding ways to prevent it from happening again.


Mold can produce toxins that cause serious heath problems. If you have a mold problem, act quickly. Mold damages what it grows on-THE LONGER IT GROWS, THE MORE DAMAGE IT CAN CAUSE!


Our certified mold removal and remediation specialist will discuss and review mold growths potential harmful health effects and structural damage and costs in detail.


From inspection and analysis to clean up, TEK MAINTENANCE provides safe and effective technology. All of our methods are in accordance with and exceed industry standards.